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    Eighth Division's Barracks


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    Eighth Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:24 pm

    Eighth Division

    The large, roomy landscape rolls out before you as you pass beyond the walls of the eighth division's barracks. In the back, near the far west wall, some rubble and debris give the appearance that a rather destructive fight may have taken place at some time, and you find yourself feeling slightly wary.

    Your eyes shift slightly, gazing across at the closest of the buildings, which appears to hold an odd, feminine elegance to its structure. Even the walls of the buildings seemed to flow with the graceful curves easily associated with a female's appearance. You'd heard rumors of drinking parties that occasionally occur within these walls, and your curiosity teased you to find out if there was any truth behind them.

    The gentle coo of a bird pulls you from your thoughts, and sitting before the symbol that marked the doorway of the barracks, a delicate and slender bird preens its wings. Unable to prevent yourself from smiling at the sight, you find that the elegance of this place even gives you a sense of grace, and you apt to find out more.

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    Re: Eighth Division's Barracks

    Post by J2ie on Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:57 am

    Junsuke enters the squad barrack of the eighth division as he looks around "hmm no one is here then i think i will just walk around and see it for myself" as he started to look around "wow this building sure is beautiful wonder if anyone is here"

    With Junsuke going from room to room starting from his left he too little walk down the hallway "hmm this squad is not just beautiful even the place is huge i didn't know squad were this big well i guess this is where all the squad eight member report".

    Going further down the hallway there is a room door and there was a tag saying captain eight "hmm i wonder if there is anyone in there" Junsuke decided that he would take a peek in the room while he slowly opens the door "hmm well no one is here i think i better go else where for now".

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