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    Fifth Division's Barracks


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    Fifth Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:16 pm

    Fifth Division

    As you enter the dwelling of the fifth division's barracks, you cant help but feel a sense of nostalgia, as your feet step lightly on the wooden steps leading up to the walkway that seems to meander almost lazily around the encampment. Traditional, and simple, the white thatched walls and brown shingled roofs serve as gentle a reminder that sometimes, peace and serenity can bode a harmonious strength.

    As you pull back the delicate shoji screen door, you are welcomed by the sight of paper wall lamps, made to resemble hanging lilies, strung up down the hallway, seeming to guide you in further. Tatami mats muffle your footsteps as you make your way through the time defining structure, a feeling of power crackles down your spine. Those who reside here posses a skill in the style of martial arts, that any soldier would strive to attain.

    On the far wall at the end of the long hallway, after having passed rows of traditional door frames on either side of the hallway, you come to a stop, eyes casting up at the words written so delicately upon the wall.

    "Loyalty and Devotion, our intent be pure, seek nothing but the knowledge that your efforts are never meaningless"

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