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    First Division's Barracks

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    First Division's Barracks

    Post by Yamamoto on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:05 am

    First Division

    As you enter the Barracks of the First division, you can't help but notice the majestic feeling it gives. Everything seems to come from an ancient, beautiful land far, far away, as it gives off this ageless radiance. Right in front of you, there are two wide, huge doors that gives entrance to the assembly hall. On your right, the Living Quarters of the members of First division. Finally, on the left, the Living Quarters of the officers are located.

    The daunting figure that's standing at the entrance of the Barracks, keeps his gaze straight to the large assembly hall, and moments pass before he makes his way inside.

    The hall was empty, and situated in the back of the room, is a chair. A chair of which holds great responsibility, as the one who sits on that chair, governs all of Seireitei.

    Slowly but surely, the figure makes his way across the room. His features seem distant, as if flashes of images from Captains long gone roamed through his mind. Nevertheless, the figure keeps his gaze straight, and his face motionless.

    After reaching the chair, Yamamoto sits down, and speaks quietly, though with a firm voice even with the age of over a thousand years: "This day holds promises..."

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