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    Third Division's Barracks


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    Third Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:40 am

    Third Division

    At first glance as you arrive, the third division appears to be made up of simple barracks, nothing exceptional. Though at the well known ground here, history has it's own tales. Once, two captains fought up on the roof of the barracks, during a Ryoka Invasion. If you look carefully, you think you might just see some proof of the scuffle, but then again, your mind could just be playing tricks on you.

    It seems that now only remembered properly by the oldest of members, the tale passes with the company of sake, late hours, and members under the influence of the strong drinks.

    As you pass by the surrounding land of the Third Division, another tale emerges. All across the grounds, beautiful Persimmon trees are bearing their fruits. It is said that these trees have been planted by the same Captain during the Ryoka Invasion, and that he dried the fruits and shared it amongst the other Divisions. these delicacies are still being shared as a tradition, of the long deceased captain.

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