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    Twelfth Division's Barracks


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    Twelfth Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:42 pm

    Twelfth Division

    Arriving at the twelfth division barracks, you feel a chill run down your spine as you open the large wooden doors. Before you winds a concrete path, clear of any debris, that makes its way to each of the golden roofed buildings ahead. Everything seems so prim and proper, not a thing out of place. Almost as if even the vegetation seemed constructed to appear a specific way.

    Looming in the background, behind the cold and barren looking structures, you can make out the shape of a large dark tower, blocked off by a metal gate. An eerie atmosphere lurks around the place, and a sense of foreboding warns you not to venture near the spooky looking architecture.

    Posted outside the closest of the buildings, is a notice, and you slink forward out of curiosity, to read it. Upon inspections, it appears to be a summons for willing participants to endure a new study, taking place in the gated off tower. Something about the words "endure a new study" is enough to quell any consideration you may have had for volunteering, and you decide to go about your business here as quickly as possible.

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