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    Sixth Division's Barracks


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    Sixth Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:17 pm

    Sixth Division

    Arriving at the front gates to the noble sixth division, you find yourself slightly awed by the walls and might door looming before you. As the gates open, you find yourself greeted formally by one of the officers, and you bow in respect in return. As you make your way across the pavement, you can hear ecstatic shouts coming from behind the building, and upon your quizzical expression, another officer explains to you with a smile that there is a soccer game taking place between several of the squad members, in the grass field out back.

    Upon entering the massive building, you find its rather quiet and serene inside, in contrast to the bright, happy nature of the outdoors. Indigo markings make for a lovely decor upon the walls, along with a list of rules and formalities posted outside every doorway. Everything appears neat and tidy, as if every aspect of the barracks was to say "this has a place, a purpose".

    You'd heard rumors in the past, of the captain's impressive library in his office, but you'd dare not venture there, for his reputation proceeded him, and you rather valued your health. Turning your attention back to the script of rules posted upon the walls, you figure it best to inform yourself, to avoid any conflicts in the future. Yet you cant help but smile to yourself, as shouts and cheering outside stand proof to one team in the soccer game proving victorious over the other.

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