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    Takuro Setsuna


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    Takuro Setsuna

    Post by Konoha on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:55 pm

    My name is Takuro Setsuna of the Shinigami race. My current commander is the Captain of Squad 10, of which I am a member of. I'm a 17 year old Male, 5' 11" weighing in a 169 lbs. I'm kind, fit, slightly tan, with medium-long black hair. Although I am quiet, I can be a bit of annoyance knowing a few interesting facts that most will not know, usually out-casting me from places. In my early years growing up in the Rukon District, I was a bit of a thief trying to provide for my adoptive parents. I currently have no knowledge of any siblings that I may have had biologically, but I grew up only have a few friends.

    In combat, I'm known for having a commended understanding of my surroundings, energy conservation, stealth, brute strength during peak of battle, and intelligence of different techniques to counter common patterns when opponents use them.

    In having these strengths, this leaves me directly open by slow speed. In the time it takes me to develop an sense of where I'm at, I can be easily attacked without slow response time. To counter techniques, I must experience them first-hand and study the effects before I can successfully block the attack. After exasperating my energy during the burst of rage in powering up my strength, I have a slow recovery time than most Shinigami fighters.

    To summarize:
    Geographical Knowledge - 3
    Energy Conservation - 2
    Stealth - 2
    Brute Strength - 4
    Technique Intelligence - 5
    - Total: 16

    Slower reaction time - 4
    Learning Technique - 3
    Fatigue factor after Rage - 5
    Slow Recovery time - 4
    - Total: 16

    The name of my Zankpakuto is Dark Abyss, consisting of a broadsword infused with dark elements. The weight of the sword is light enough to wield single-handily, however requires two-hands to wield when it has been released into it's later stages. To call upon my Shikai, I must chant the dark ritual (consists of 2 successful posts) to fully unlock it. If I am interrupted during the calling of it's name, an unsuccessful attempt prevents the ritual from being performed again for 15 minutes (about 3-4 posts). Once released, the Broadsword's weight increases ten-fold, and allows me to cover the area within a dark shadow, increasing my stealth by 2 points, but increasing the amount of recovery time and fatigue factors by a point. The Shikai state can only be active for 15 minutes total, or the user becomes unconscious, with a slim possibility of death to extreme fatigue.

    To unleash the Bankai state, I must stand idle for 5-10 minutes (2 Posts) and focus my energy into my Zanpakuto's Shikai state. This is aided slightly by the shadow veil developed by the unleashing of the Shikai state. When Bankai is unleashed by repeating the Dark Ritual, my stealth is increased, and my speed is slightly increased. At this point, I am able to activate a High-Risk Hado Technique at the cost of draining my energy completely.


    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.

    Oh lawdy help me, help me. I never break the law!

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    Zeraso Dendu
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    Re: Takuro Setsuna

    Post by Zeraso Dendu on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:34 pm

    Your character is approved. Your given the rank of Academy Student 1st year. Have fun

    RP Information:

    Name:Zeraso Dendu
    Rank:Seated Officer
    Location: The Training Grounds
    Thread:Training Time
    Tech Experience:
    Shunpo: 34
    Bakudo 9 Horin: 6
    Bakudo 21 Senkiton: 2
    Hado 4 Byakurai: 9
    Hado 11 Tsuzuri Raiden: 4
    Hado 31 Shakkaho: 3
    Hado 32 Okasen:
    Hado 33 Sokatsui: 7
    Bakudo 30 Shitotsu Sansen:
    Bakudo 39 Enkosen: 3
    Bakudo 26 Kyokko:
    Hado 73 Soren Sokatsui: 2
    Bakudo 62 Hyapporankan: 1
    Bakudo 81 Danku: 1
    Hado 91 Senju Koten Taiho:
    Shikai: 8
    Mahi Sakkuha:
    Mira Imeja:


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