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    blue's char

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    blue's char

    Post by Shinetsu_Kisaragi on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:07 pm

    Account name: Shinetsu_Kisaragi

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Onitoru Sokami

    ~Race Information~

    Race: shinigami

    Commander: squad 12

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength:
    sword skill-3

    Combat Weaknesses:
    hand to hand combat-3
    long range combat-3

    Zanpakuto Name:Kyūkyoku no bōei

    Zanpakuto Description:A large blue line running down the blade and green hilt with a slight triangle on the hilt on each side of it

    Shikai: My zanpaktou turns into gloves on my hand that can materialize my zanpaktou by putting them together can also put my hands on materials such as wood or something like that and absorb the power and defense in it then can use that power absorbed can make barriers.

    (not obtained)
    Bankai: My bankai's abilities make my gloves extend over my arms entirely which i can raise to make a shield or a large blade that i can throw using hand movements i can also put my hand on the ground and when a attack is sent i can use my hand movements to block the attack

    (not obtained)



    Age:25 (looks likes he is 17)



    Appearance:Has baby blue eyes jet black hair with a blue streak running down a tattoo of a claw on his shoulder and a birthmark of a flame on his left peck with a circular tattoo closing it in he wears a custom attire a black tight shihakkusho with a blue belt and red shoes

    Personality:Generous and loving who would fight through wave upon wave of hollows to protect a lady in need has a good heart but will be stern when needed and hates repeating himself.

    Backstory: He used to be part of the senate in 1973 until he was mistaken for another senate member and shot down in cold blood he used to live in rukongai as a brawler who got payed to fight other people but he got tired of it he hated it but needed the money to pay for himself and little kids who went without food there he also taught them archery training and hand to hand combat.

    (can't use ability if noting to touch can't make something out of nothing)

    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.

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    Character sheet
    Character name: Genesis Jenova
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Adjuchas

    Re: blue's char

    Post by Jenova on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:02 pm

    This Character is approved for RP use.

    Be sure to create a technique sheet, and add in your information on your character sheet located in your Profile.
    Check the Rank requirements/features topic to see what features you'll have at your disposal at that rank, and what the requirements are to rank up to the next rank.

    RP Information:
    Name: Genesis Jenova
    Fraccion: N/A
    Rank: Adjuchas
    Status: Ranking up, training Techniques
    Location: Menos Forest
    Thread: The Wandering Giant
    Tech Experience:
    • Sonido: 5
    • Especho Cero: 3
    • Cero Sierra: 2
    • Luna Paso Cero: 1
    • Cero Horadar: 1
    • Cero Viga: 8
    • Instantaneous Cero: 11
    • Bala:
    • Hierro:
    • Cero Artimaña: 4
    • Violeta Fuego:
    • Cero Metralleta:
    • Mask Removal: 2

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    Post by Shinetsu_Kisaragi on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:24 pm

    will do dude

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    Re: blue's char

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