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    Manual Event


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    Manual Event

    Post by Jenova on Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:54 pm

    The staff of Bleach-RPG would like to present you a new event, that will have an undefined lifespan. The Manual Event.
    The concept is this:

    We're searching for Helpful Guides to put up in the Manual for Bleach-RPG. (This can be Found Here)
    Every User that creates a guide, and passes the approval of the Bleach-RPG Staff, will receive a reward ranging 5 Spirit Shards to 50, depending on the guide.

    When you've created a guide, PM Jenova, Shadowintherain and Konoha in the forum with it, under the PM title "Guide Submission". Be sure to mention the main content of your guide in one full sentence, at the beginning of this PM. Also mention your username on Bleach-RPG. These 3 will evaluate your Guide, and will notify you about the evaluation when it's done.

    ~Accepted Guides~

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