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    Martial Arts Class

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    Martial Arts Class

    Post by Ajiro on Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:16 pm

    I enter the dojo and stand in the center. "Ok students today we will be having open spars and you may pick any person you wish to spar against." I look around

    "Though i do request please dont pick on students who are weaker than you or i will have to deal with you myself." some students look at there feet others smirk.

    I watch as the students pair up and a late student runs in taking off her shoes as she enters.
    "Sorry m late sensei! i had to walk my friend to class she hurt her arm again"

    I look over. "Thats fine miss..erm" I check my charts.
    "Ah here you are..Arisawa Tatsuki" I look at her and she looks back with a blush and shakes her head.
    "I um ill go change." She rushes off to change her clothes.

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