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    Vicious Training

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    Vicious Training

    Post by Bebop on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:04 am

    Vicious Training

    The day is warm, there is a slight breeze in the air and the birds can be heard. There is little clouds to be seen in the sky, it hasn't rained in days. Vicious walks outside to the training ground after awakening a few moments ago.

    Vicious is carrying his zanpakuto wearing his regular shinigami clothes seeing he doesn't have anything to train with. He reaches a wide open area with scattered throwing knifes and senbons sticking to the ground and tree stumps. Vicious unwraps his zanpakuto from himself and places it on the ground and starts to walk to a group of trees.

    He reaches the group of trees and he takes a stance taking in deep breaths. He shunpo's to a tree nearby then kicking off the tree then shunpo's to another nearby. Vicious continues to do so for a few minutes, after a while he is out of breath and stops in the middle of a shunpo unable to continue for the next 10 minutes. After a few hours of resting he looks at his shinigami clothes and whispers to himself "These wont do for training i should go buy some human clothing." After that he opens up a gate to the human world and steps in, leaving the training grounds

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