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    Fai Fai Banshee


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    Fai Fai Banshee

    Post by Fai_Fai_Banshee on Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:49 am

    Account name: Fai Fai Banshee

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Fai-Fai Banshee

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Human


    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Height: 5.7.ft (173cm)

    Weight: 125.4.lbs (57kg)

    Appearance: Long blond hair, Green eyes, athletic body build.

    Personality: Very energetic, super funny, doesn't believe in supernatural stuff, likes to prank her friends.

    Backstory: Fai-Fai comes from a foreign land that is unknown to many which is why she has such a weird first name. Her mom married a Japanese guy called Banshee Matsumoto but they died in an unfortunate rock climbing accident. Witnesses say they were climbing a mountain which suddenly crumbled as if a meteor crashed in to it.

    Now Fai-Fai lives alone in Karakura town where she goes to high-school. She is quite the athlete too, nr.1 basketball player in the high-school because shes taller than the native Japanese students.

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    Character sheet
    Character name: Genesis Jenova
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Adjuchas

    Re: Fai Fai Banshee

    Post by Jenova on Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:56 am

    Human Character approved~ Know that you can't see spiritual beings however.

    RP Information:
    Name: Genesis Jenova
    Fraccion: N/A
    Rank: Adjuchas
    Status: Ranking up, training Techniques
    Location: Menos Forest
    Thread: The Wandering Giant
    Tech Experience:
    • Sonido: 5
    • Especho Cero: 3
    • Cero Sierra: 2
    • Luna Paso Cero: 1
    • Cero Horadar: 1
    • Cero Viga: 8
    • Instantaneous Cero: 11
    • Bala:
    • Hierro:
    • Cero Artimaña: 4
    • Violeta Fuego:
    • Cero Metralleta:
    • Mask Removal: 2

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