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    Nisuginai Junsuke


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    Character name: Nisunigai Junsuke
    Race: Shinigami

    Nisuginai Junsuke

    Post by J2ie on Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:32 am

    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.
    Transferring my RP account from SSF.
    Account name there: J2ie
    Total RP Posts there: 888

    Account name: J2ie

    Account name: J2ie

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Nisuginai Junsuke

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Shinigami


    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength:

    .Zanjutsu(Swordsmenship): (5)
    .Hakuda(Hand-to-Hand Combat): (3)
    .Vast spiritual power: (5)
    .Determination: (5)
    .Ambidexterity: (3)

    Combat Weaknesses:

    .Kido: (5)
    .Can waiver in battle sometime which directly affects
    his overall energy levels and fighting abilities: (4)
    .Strong sense of honor: (4)
    .Stubborn: (3)
    .Short-tempered: (4)

    Zanpakuto Name: Zankujin(Evil God)

    Zanpakuto Description: It looks just like a normal shirasaya.

    Shikai: In it's release form it looks like a shirasaya in a black blade with a silver edge and long red tassels dangling from the end and it seems to react on Junsuke's will.

    Bankai: Tensa Zankujin(Evil Lord of Heaven): Junsuke shrinks his sword down to a slighty longer silver blade and there is also a cross guard it has a silver steel cloth at the end dangles from the base of the hilt. He is also able to make his sword disappear and also summon it to him at will, his robe is also change into a full dark red shikakusho with a collar also in his bankai form he is able to use all his shikai's ability.


    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Height: 178 cm

    Weight: 53 kg

    Appearance: Black hair and black eyes

    Personality: Kind, Caring, Hate to listen to rules and hate rules, (He is not a gangster but rather someone who listens to his own heart)

    Backstory: Before Junsuke ends up in Soul Society he was actually a human at that point of time he was playing soccer with his friends when suddenly some strange creatures attack them. When he woke up he was in Rukongai so it is unknown if he is really dead in the real world or is he mark dead in the real world and Soul Society.

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    Character name: Genesis Jenova
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Adjuchas

    Re: Nisuginai Junsuke

    Post by Jenova on Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:13 pm

    This Character is approved for RP use.

    Be sure to create a technique sheet, and add in your information on your character sheet located in your Profile.
    With your 888 RP posts on SSF, you'll be awarded the rank of "Seated Officer".
    Check the Rank requirements/features topic to see what features you'll have at your disposal at that rank, and what the requirements are to rank up to the next rank.

    RP Information:
    Name: Genesis Jenova
    Fraccion: N/A
    Rank: Adjuchas
    Status: Ranking up, training Techniques
    Location: Menos Forest
    Thread: The Wandering Giant
    Tech Experience:
    • Sonido: 5
    • Especho Cero: 3
    • Cero Sierra: 2
    • Luna Paso Cero: 1
    • Cero Horadar: 1
    • Cero Viga: 8
    • Instantaneous Cero: 11
    • Bala:
    • Hierro:
    • Cero Artimaña: 4
    • Violeta Fuego:
    • Cero Metralleta:
    • Mask Removal: 2

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