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    Dharkeon's - Hollow - Kuimera Hakar

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    Character name: Kuimera Hakar
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Minion

    Dharkeon's - Hollow - Kuimera Hakar

    Post by Dharkeon on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:05 pm

    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.

    ~RP Information~

    Full Name: Kuimera Hakar

    Alias: Kui

    A reckless yet quiet being with a bold attitude. He has quite a mild attraction to mindless wrecking, charging pretty much against anything that would be amusing to see falling apart.
    Quite a predator and not one that should be taken lightly - however also enjoys his tiny time-outs and the occasional quietness (just in time to go and wreck some more.).

    Physical Appearance:
    adjuchas: A bulky shaped Hollow. Has an heavy natural armor surrounding most of his body, making him rather slow in relation to plenty other of his kind. He has perfect shoulder-pads for Rammin', a thick skull for Bashin' and two heavy, strong fists for Smashin'!
    Mostly seen in all four to add some movement speed, even tho' he can stand on his feet.

    Arrancar: Remains of his Skull stand on his head. He stills holds a rather strong build, even tho' now in a more human-like appearance. Plenty of chains stand out on his outfit, probably some sort of trophies from his past kills. He is reckless and always ready for a laugh, at anyone.

    Little, close to none, memories from back of his Living days. There is however somewhat of a mild sense of enjoyment, and perhaps excitement, everytime he wrecks something to the ground.

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Hollow

    Commander: 10

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength: Strong, Armored Body (5); Strength (3); Stamina\Resistance (3)

    Combat Weaknesses: Ranged Combat (5); Movement Speed (4); Reckless in Battle (2)

    Zanpakuto Name: Kujosoushin

    Zanpakuto Description: A simple blue-hilt colored Katana.

    Mask Removal:
    Va todo Abajo (All goes down)
    His Strength heavily increases as he rips off his mask. His forearms movement speed drastically increase making him quite a close-distance fighter. He will also grow partial armor over his body (namely; Shoulderpads\Chest Armor\Arm-guards)

    Defensa Absurda (Over the top Defense)
    He assumes mostly of his adjuchas days form, receiving huge armor plates all over his body leaving little space to dangerous hits.
    His movement speed drastically decreases but in compensation he receives an absurd about of physical power as-well as an outstanding physical protection.

    Keep it simple~ It will help you get further.

    RP Character Stats:

    Name: Kuimera Hakar
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Minion
    Fraccion: N/A
    Souls Eaten: 0
    Location: Karakura Town; Karakura Shopping District.
    Thread: The pain.. is unbearable.
    Tech Experience:
    B1. Cero Circunferencia (Cicumference Zero) - Low level (5\10)
    B2. Violeta Fuego (Violet Flame) - Low level (7\10)
    B3. Sonido - Mid level (13\25)
    B4. Bala - low level (10\10)
    B5. Cero - Low level (0\10)
    A1. Hierro - Low level (0\10)

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    Character name: Rain Adhore
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    Re: Dharkeon's - Hollow - Kuimera Hakar

    Post by ShadowInTheRain on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:26 pm

    Character approved for RP use. Be sure to create your tech sheet and have it approved before beginning role playing~

    ~And I dont know what kind of person I'll end up being. But Im liking who I am right now~

    RP Information:

    Name: Rain Adhore
    Fraccion/Division: Fraccion to Espada 8
    Rank:Vasto Lorde
    Status: Being...kidnapped?
    Location: The White Desert
    Thread: Roaming the Sands
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