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    Rain Adhore


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    Character name: Rain Adhore
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    Rain Adhore

    Post by ShadowInTheRain on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:18 pm

    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.
    Transferring my RP account from SSF.
    Account name there: ShadowInTheRain
    Total RP Posts there: 257

    Account name: ShadowInTheRain

    ~RP Information~

    : Rain Adhore

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Hollow

    Commander: Espada 8

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength:Scientific and Analytical Tactics(4) and Advanced weaponry(4) Speed (4)

    Combat Weaknesses: She over-estimates herself, and fails to take opponents seriously.(2) She is easily intrigued and distracted, even in the midst of battle. She will often take a hit she could have avoided, simply because something interesting has captured her attention.(3) She also dislikes "wasteful" killing, and will usually refrain from killing her opponents until she can find a better use for them.(3) However, if she sees no use for her opponent, she will kill without regret or hesitation. Her urge to over-analyze often prevents her from making the first move in battle, and often, she will miss a change to strike her opponent, if she is too focused on studying them, rather than attacking them (4)

    Zanpakuto Name:Horundu

    Zanpakuto Description: Large and wide, with a curved edge. Smaller protrusion from the concave side of the curve, making the blade resemble a silver shark.

    Shikai/Mask Removal
    :Energía del Océano (power of the ocean)
    Her speed increases as she rips off her mask. She gains speed as the battle progresses, so its wise to take her out fast. Even at its peak, however, her speed is still at a lesser value then that of a shunpo or sonido, as the speed in question is her "regular movement" speed, and does not effect her shunpo ability. In this state, she gains the ability to utilize shock waves, and impacts as an aggressive force. Ie, clapping, and slamming.

    Bankai/Resurrection:Océano graves (ocean grave)
    She grows a powerful tail, that, when slammed on the ground, causes shock waves powerful enough to split the ground apart, therefore creating a so called 'grave' in the ocean of sand. Her arms also take on the appearance of flippers, and are used as sturdy shields to repel phsyical attacks.


    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Appearance: Small and petite, with pale skin and white hair, giving her the look of a little porcelain doll. Golden eyes that never appear to show any emotion are framed by long lashes, making her seem almost innocently creepy. Her remnants of her hollow mask run over the bridge of her nose, with a matching pair of slits in the bone under each eye, making it look almost as if she had whiskers. Her hollow hole is large, and located in her chest, as if to symbolize her lack of heart or feelings. However, it is always kept concealed by her robes, which have a lab coat style to them.

    Personality: Very robotic and cold natured, she values logic, and energy above all else. She hates the idea of wasting energy, as it is resourceful. Calm and collected, she carried herself lightly, and often will disregard others, as if she finds them meaningless. However, once something captures her interest, she becomes rather persistent, and the need to study and understand everything around her, leads her to analyze and study at any given chance.

    Backstory: She has no memories whatsoever of being human, but she retains a vast love of the ocean from her human days. Being surrounded by the sand in Hueco Mundo depresses her, so she finds any excuse to leave the sandy plane. She uses ocean references in her battles, though she prefers to stay out of battle unless absolutely necessary. She tends to act rather robotic, and cold. Everything must have a purpose, seems to have become her motto and her overall view on life.

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    ~And I dont know what kind of person I'll end up being. But Im liking who I am right now~

    RP Information:

    Name: Rain Adhore
    Fraccion/Division: Fraccion to Espada 8
    Rank:Vasto Lorde
    Status: Being...kidnapped?
    Location: The White Desert
    Thread: Roaming the Sands
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    Re: Rain Adhore

    Post by Jenova on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:55 pm

    This Character is approved for RP use.

    Be sure to create a technique sheet, and add in your information on your character sheet located in your Profile.
    With your 257 RP posts on SSF, you'll be awarded the rank of "Vasto Lorde".
    Check the Rank requirements/features topic to see what features you'll have at your disposal at that rank, and what the requirements are to rank up to the next rank.

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