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    Koga Wolf Squad 5

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    Koga Wolf Squad 5

    Post by Koga_Wolf on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:50 pm

    Account name: KogaWolf
    "I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them."
    I have 224 RP posts in SSF.

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Koga Wolf

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Shinagami

    Commander: 5th Captain

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength: Kido Skills(5), Speed(4), Spirit energy(5), Acrobatic (3)

    Combat Weaknesses: Hand to Hand(5), Strength(3), Arrogance(3), Sword skills(3), Kido hurting me if used to much (3) (the higher the number the less it can be used)

    Zanpakuto Name: Akumu

    Zanpakuto Description:

    Shikai/Mask Removal: Akumu Hateshiganai (Eternal Nightmare)
    Release: Disrupt, Akumu Hateshiganai
    Description: Koga's scythe is made up of pure energy,it has a faint
    white glow around the scythe. CANNOT be used for blocking other than
    kido or something spirit related. When the scythe slashes through or on
    the target(s) it cuts the target(s) energy. It also disrupts the flow of
    spiritual energy/reiatsu making it harder for kido/cero to be used. If
    kido/cero are used the likely hood is that it will backfire.

    Name: Yin-Yang Slash
    Koga has black and white reiatsu cover the blade of his scythe. He
    slashes his scythe and the reiatsu comes out with high density. The
    farther it goes the weaker it gets.

    Name:Death Disc
    Black reiatsu begins to spin at a very rapid speed. The disc can be
    thrown or thirsted at the target(s). The farther it goes the weaker.

    Bankai/Resurrection: Akumu Hateshiganai Okeru Jigoku(Eternal Nightmare In Hell)
    Ability: The scythe now takes on a physical form. This time the scythe
    is able to cut you and your spiritual energy but it can also steal the
    energy. Koga can hold up to the maximum amount possible before the
    amount of spirit energy kills him. All powers from shikai are still
    available but the power consumed is multiplied by 2 while the force of
    the power is multiplied by 1.25%. Cutting the opponent still disrupts
    the spiritual flow making it random so that the victim either uses to
    much or too little spirit energy. Koga's kido skills are also increased
    by 50%
    Note: If the blade is stuck inside the victim it constantly
    takes the spiritual energy until it is either depleted or removed from
    the body.


    Gender: Male

    Age: Appears to be 16

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 120 lbs


    Personality: Can be nice but has developed a way of thinking that everything that is needed to be done must be done no matter the cost.(An obedient solider)

    Backstory: Koga at a young age began to see ghosts of people he didn't even know.
    Koga was an excellent student in high school and got an average of a 3.8
    as his GPA...but nothing could have prepared Koga for what happened

    As Koga was walking home from his friends house he saw the
    ghost of a little girl running away from a big unknown beast. Koga
    despite his fear ran after the beast and began to fight it with his weak
    hands in order to buy the girl time.

    As the girl ran away, Koga
    was getting thrown around by the unknown beast and eventually killed
    Koga due to a broken spinal cord. Then a man in robes appeared as the
    beast was slowly walking towards him and killed the beast in one slash
    of a sword,cutting the beasts mask. The man told Koga that he was a
    Shinagami and that masked beast was called a hollow. The man preformed a
    Konso on Koga where Koga then entered the Soul Society and due to his
    spirit energy was accepted into Soul Reaper Academy.

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    Re: Koga Wolf Squad 5

    Post by Jenova on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:57 pm

    This Character is approved for RP use.

    Be sure to create a technique sheet, and add in your information on your character sheet located in your Profile.
    With your 224 RP posts on SSF, you'll be awarded the rank of "Aspiring Seated Squad Member".
    Check the Rank requirements/features topic to see what features you'll have at your disposal at that rank, and what the requirements are to rank up to the next rank.

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