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    13th Division Ajiro Minamoto

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    13th Division Ajiro Minamoto

    Post by Ajiro on Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:17 pm

    Account name:Brpg- Ichiru, Forum- Ajiro, SSF- Ichiru
    (Transfer from SSF)
    Number of RP posts: 118

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Ajiro Minamoto

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Shinigami

    Commander: Captain 13

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength:
    Hand to hand Proficiency: 5
    Acrobatic Expertice: 5
    Swordsman ship Specialist:2
    Spirit Bond with zanpakuto:3
    Genius Intellect:5
    Battle strategist:4
    Total: 24

    Combat Weaknesses:

    Emotional - tends to become to influenced by his emotions( ie letting his emotions affect his combat skills): 5
    Narcassistic and underestimates opponents: 4
    Kido: 5
    Long term battles: 5
    below average Endurance/defence: 4
    Pore health due to sickness: 1
    Total: 24


    Shikai: Nenshō ion
    Bankai: Ion Ryūjin


    Shikai In shikai His zan can manipulate and generate fire using it in 4 primary techniques . the flame generation and manipulation is all a matter of friction and speed using the hollow point of his left had blade as an igniter he sparks it against the other blade and once the fire is started it reacts to the zans properties and flows like water from the tip of the hollow zan as if it was the only exit.


    * Pyro Tornado- he spins the fire around himself and rotates swiftly creating a tornado of fire and fires it towards the enemy, after he has to re-ignight the flames draining more rei

    * Bleeding rage- when his energy becomes low he will tap into the reserves of his zan and the mischeviousness of her being sends him into a crazed blood lust he gains a substantial strength and speed increase
    * Burst Limit- When his specialy designed clothes are destroyed his rei becomes out of control and shatters the ground still being contained by his shikai enough that it dosent kill him. his power increases slightly and his eyes become red and glow. his speed is increased and after a short period (2-3 posts both sides)he is sent back to normal and unconcious his and his body burns out (DOES NOT work in conjunction with Bleeding Rage)
    * Aeon Clock- this move greatly increases his speed making him seem invisible at times (to a user who is slower or weaker) it also creates after images of him self (5 max seen by thoes stronger or at his level)

    Bankai: in this form his heated rei becomes extreamly consentrated and form two white fire wings on his back his eyes become glow a silver color. the wings are super heated enough to be used as weapons his bankai is still unbalanced. due to this and his rei leaks out and heats the area anywere between 10ft-1m away from him(does not cause damage to any one in the range aside from making them hot). they also grant him flight as an ability


    * Dragon Twister- this is a larger version of pyro tornado that takes the form of a dragon and is much stronger
    * Dragons cross- he swings all three blades in a dragon kanji and the trails leave fire and he wraps them in his wings and from his wings a dragon of fire shoots forward like a projectile (doens not have free will and can only be controlled so long as his wings are closed)
    * Pheonix mode- In phoenix mode it is similar to Burst limit, his body gains glowing red markings that burn his skin and his eyes become a glowing silver like fire his strength and speed increase massively but once it is over (1-3 posts) he is forced out of bankai and if its at an early stage into shikai if he does not loose conciousness.
    * St. Elmo's fire- His eyes glow through several colors and is body becomes covered in a fire like energy, His zans use the energy like slashes and send them as projectiles. (this mode drains his spirit and life energy so it lasts 2 posts max)



    Age: 18 (by apperance actually apx 990)

    :Height:: 174 cm(5'9")

    :Weight:: 61 kg(134 lbs.)


    Personality:Ajiro is quiet and observant but extreamly loyal. though he is loyal his list of true loyalty is filled only by his wife. he also allows his emotions to get the better of him at times.

    During his time in the living world he learned from the worlds greatest fighters, from Brazil to Japan and more, in all types of martial arts and hand to hand as well as weaponry including CQC (close quarters combat). Studied under the worlds brightest minds and trained in the various arts and styles of parkour. at age 10 was one of the youngest allowed to join Militia under Special OPs and resigned to join ACME at age 17. during his Spec Op days was given the nickname Cero Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash" due to his speed in accomplishing missions and in fighting. During one of his missions trying to locate Carmen Sandiego he was ambushed by a group seperate from V.I.L.E. and was captured beaten and then killed.
    ~Plus life~
    As a plus he fought back against hollows who attempted to devour him keeping them at bay. it was durring this time that he meet a woman named Sophia. he fought to defend her as best he could.

    It was on the night that Ajiro sustained a sever injury that a hollow attacked and nearly killed and consumed him, it would have had it not been for the actions of one soul reaper .he saved them both and sent them to the soul society.

    ~Life in the soul society~
    Upon reaching the soul society he had lost his memorie of who he was all but his memorie of his wife was gone his true name long forgotten he was given the name Ajiro Minamoto. as he wandered the new world he learned much about its inhabitants and its workings and quickly established housing for him and his wife. during his sleep he encountered a lonely girl crying her red kimono flowered about her as he woke he say that much of the items in his room had become extreamly hot his wife having left the room due to the heat. it was latter that he found out of his possible power and abilities as he grew a vast hunger and many souls who drew near him felt faint.
    since then he has become a shinigame and only recently had recovered his memory and full potential in hand to hand combat but bears no grudge to the human world. Prior to gaining his memory he trained under yoroichi and Kisuke Urahara before joining the academy urged by his last teacher a man who tought him of his hidden ability. as a student he pushed him self to learln all he could having the upper hand in hakuda due to his pastlife and training he though he struggled slightly with kido he was good enough to learn some of the spells. it was on one of his nights as a student that he had a new dream.

    the dream began with him in a void of emptyness the entier area seemed to be near yet far. he spoke to the girl and she looked at him her fox ears catching him by suprise after a conversation with the spirit whos voice he could not here he awoke to his dwellings on fire and several people trying to put out the flames and as he stood he realized in his hand was a blade with its sheath a blade that fit his grasp with perfect weight.

    it was then that his spiritual pressure grew out of controle it grew more and more and his body was crushed by its amount and his master who foresaw this had come to the academy and given him the clothing to keep his rei under control.

    "I have read and agree to the RP rules"

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    Re: 13th Division Ajiro Minamoto

    Post by Jenova on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:46 pm

    Ajito wrote:is over confident in his hakuda skills at times causing him to either rush into a fight without using his zan or with out the blade and the sheath only: 3
    Rei control without aid of his special outfit: 5

    These aren't real weaknesses. Please edit them a bit so they actually weaken your RP Character a bit.

    Also, all of your strengths are either 4 or 5. It's best to make different values appear in the strengths.

    Ajito wrote:the wings are super heated enough to be used as weapons his bankai is still incompleate and unbalanced. due to this and its unstableness his rei leaks out and heats the area anywere between 10ft-1m away from him.

    In the previous Character sheet you said the heat of the wings doesn't hurt the opponent if untouched. If this is the case here as well, please add it in, like with the previous Sheet.

    Also, one of your weaknesses is emotional, though your personality traits don't describe that. Best to add it in there as well.

    If you've done all of these edits, it will be evaluated again.
    Zeraso Dendu
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    RP Moderator

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    Re: 13th Division Ajiro Minamoto

    Post by Zeraso Dendu on Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:39 pm

    Approved for Rp use, have fun.

    RP Information:

    Name:Zeraso Dendu
    Rank:Seated Officer
    Location: The Training Grounds
    Thread:Training Time
    Tech Experience:
    Shunpo: 34
    Bakudo 9 Horin: 6
    Bakudo 21 Senkiton: 2
    Hado 4 Byakurai: 9
    Hado 11 Tsuzuri Raiden: 4
    Hado 31 Shakkaho: 3
    Hado 32 Okasen:
    Hado 33 Sokatsui: 7
    Bakudo 30 Shitotsu Sansen:
    Bakudo 39 Enkosen: 3
    Bakudo 26 Kyokko:
    Hado 73 Soren Sokatsui: 2
    Bakudo 62 Hyapporankan: 1
    Bakudo 81 Danku: 1
    Hado 91 Senju Koten Taiho:
    Shikai: 8
    Mahi Sakkuha:
    Mira Imeja:


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    Re: 13th Division Ajiro Minamoto

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