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    RP character: Auger

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    RP character: Auger

    Post by Agentaaa on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:25 am

    I have read the RP rules and agreed to them

    Account name: agentaaa

    ~RP information~

    Name: Auger

    ~race information~

    race: Hollow

    Commander: Espada 6

    ~combat information

    -Combat strength:

    offensive ability, Short range combat, tactical mind.

    -combat weakness:

    long range combat, Low regeneration.

    -Zanpakuto name:

    Joiasu no tatakai

    Zanpakuto description:

    A shorter, wide blade, With a rather plain hilt guard. The handle has a rough, obsidian spike on the bottom, which can be brought to use in close combat

    Mask removal: Gives Auger an increase in strength and speed.He gains a "covering" of reiatsu around his head, looking much like a skeletal dog's head, while the odd aura it gives off makes it look transparent and ghostly. Auger can use this to bite his enemies. His entire skeleton looks very lean, though not unhealthily so, and corded muscle can be seen.
    Auger can also use 2 simple techniques in this form:

    Reiatsu extension:
    Auger can extend his reiatsu outwards slightly, from any part of his body, 6 inches, as well as from his zanpakuto. This reiatsu, if it hits, will rip apart what it hits. This attack is made of reiatsu, and thus can be blocked the same any reiatsu attack would, and since the attack itself is not high-class, even the weakest type of block will do.
    Like most menos-class hollows, Auger can use Cero, though due to his lack of talent, he cannot use it very well


    Auger grows large claws, and his features become very beastlike, resembling a dogs. His speed goes up, but his strength goes up much more. While in this form, Auger's reflexes are greatly heightened, due to his animal instincts coming into play, and his reiatsu can be clearly seen around his four limbs, striking outward when he does roughly 5 feet outwards from him.


    Gender: male

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 138 lbs.

    Appearance: as hollow--- somewhat muscular, with a hollow mask resembling a dogs face, and 2 horns sprouting out of the back of it. Quadruped most of the time, with claws and teeth capable of stopping even a weak shinigami's blade.
    As arrancar -- young, with a face that would be quite girly looking if not for all of its scars. Hair is black and somewhat shaggy, and comes loosely down to his neck, with no real style to it. Fit, but thin, and with more scars across his body. Hollow hole is opposite his heart on his chest, and his hollow mas takes shape underneath his chin, with a dog's lower jaw jutting out from underneath his face.

    Backstory: Prior to dying, Auger was picked up at the age of 5 by a group of business men. These men trained auger in martial arts and tactics. Auger was told that god had made him in order for him to do battle, and that in order to follow god's wishes, he needed to fight. Auger was actually a street fighter, fighting battles with other fighters, while the audience watched and bet on who would win. When the police finally caught up to the criminal ring responsible, a shooting began, and Auger was killed in the midst of it. Soon, he was found by a hollow, and Auger managed to do a good deal of damage to the hollow before falling victim to it. The hollow devoured him, and Auger soon found himself in a vast desert. Confused by his new existence, he went out to find opponents, the hollow instinct to feed and his instinct to seek battle meshing perfectly well together.


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    Re: RP character: Auger

    Post by ShadowInTheRain on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:17 am

    Character approved for RP use. Be sure you start out as the proper rank, and in the proper threads. Be sure to post up your tech sheet before engaging in any PvP or NPC battles of any kind~

    ~And I dont know what kind of person I'll end up being. But Im liking who I am right now~

    RP Information:

    Name: Rain Adhore
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    Status: Being...kidnapped?
    Location: The White Desert
    Thread: Roaming the Sands
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