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    Genesis Jenova


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    Genesis Jenova

    Post by Jenova on Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:59 pm

    I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them.
    Transferring my RP account from SSF.
    Account name there: Jenova
    Total RP Posts there: 136

    Account name: Jenova

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Genesis Jenova

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Hollow

    Commander: None

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength: good adaptation of my ress\cero(5), Keeps his Cool during battle (4), Good at fleeing (4), Ambidextrous (2), Large amount of Reiatsu (3), Quick at charging Ceros (2)

    Combat Weaknesses: limitations to my styles (4), low swordsplay (3),hand to hand combat(5), Low physical strength (5), Not good at taking hits (3)

    Zanpakuto Name: Pandora no hako (Pandora's Box)

    Zanpakuto Description: A simple looking Katana when not released. There are no special markings or a special hilt that distinguishes itself from other katanas. When in Mask Removal, the blade disappears, and instead, I'll have my Hardened nails. In resurrection, it will turn into a Gunblade with 2 barrels, one on each side of the blade. the blade itself being as long as myself, limiting my swordplay with it as well.

    Shikai/Mask Removal: Genesis gets 2 barrels in the palm of his hands, and his nails lengthen to the form of short daggers. These new nails are as strong as any other zanpakutou. With the barrels, he can fire Ceros and blasts of compressed reiatsu.

    He can also use 2 simple abilities:

    Bakuha suru - "blast". uses a blast of compressed reiatsu to propell himself.

    Furaito - flight. Further using his propel ability, Genesis can fly for short amounts of distance. If possible and allowed, make him fly for long distances. Non-offensive ability. purely made for evasive/transport tactics.

    Bankai/Resurrection: Name of my release is "Bombard! Pandora no hako!"
    Pandora no hako being the sword's name and meaning "Pandora's box". it has 666 different forms, of which i only know a handful, and still trying to learn more of them as I keep on fighting and training. Also, every style has a limitation of their own.
    My sword turns into a gunblade with 2 barrels, one on each side of the blade. the blade itself being as long as myself, limiting my swordplay with it as well. A scabbard appears on my back, from my right shoulder to my left hip.
    It can shoot different types of ceros, like the normal cero, the king cero.
    When i just used my Resurrection, the gunblade will use no style.
    However, it can use one simple ability:

    Bakuha suru - "blast". uses a blast of compressed reiatsu to propell myself.

    my known styles:


    Name of style - Description of the style.

    Incantation for the style.

    Kozan puranta - Mine Planter. makes my gunblade disappear and can summon an endless amount of mines. has no sword to defend me in this mode.

    Danger from underneath, make your enemies watch their steps. Strike fear into their ignorance. Make them suffer where their footsteps sound, Kozan puranta!

    Tokkoyaku - magic bullet. gunblade shape stays the same, but gets 4 barrels, instead of just 2. I can summon a maximum of 4 magic bullets (same amount as the barrels) which I can fully control, from direction to speed to size of the bullets. These magic bullets can also explode on my command. However, when i let one explode, there will be a set amount of time before i can resummon it again. Also, I can adjust the blast radius, but there's a downside to this. the larger I make the blast radius, the less concentrated, and therefore less lethal, the blast will be. The blast can't be smaller than the size of the bullets.

    Gun of destruction, let angle and direction not hinder your course. Pave your own true path, and lay a punishment to those foolish enough to leave their backs unguarded?, Tokkoyaku!

    Riboruba - revolver. 2 dual wield revolvers, with a bladed edge on the barrel. used for close quarter fighting. can shoot compressed rei and simple ceros (no strong variants) Will also summon a belt with holsters for the revolvers, cowboy boots with spurs, that can be used for fighting purposes. And last but not least, a cowboy hat, containing 3 special bullets on each side of the hat. When used, these bullets are capable of shooting the mastered version of the ceros. (since I normally can't shoot them with normal ammunition of my revolvers.)

    Oh guns of old, let shadow and sand be thy ground. Protect thy master from enemies up close. Let rains of terror fall upon them. Riboruba!

    Shadou sogeki - Shadow Sniper. Gunblade gets one barrel and the barrel lengthens. the blade gets smaller. It can shoot strong powerful bursts. it can also create shadow clones of me to confuse the opponent. this style makes me vulnerable for high speed attacks. A dark substance engulfs Genesis, and darkens his normal outfit, whilst removing loose pieces of cloths attached to his outfit, to reduce the sounds produced.

    Shadow of the dark, Let distance and illusions be thy friend. confuse thy enemy, and plot their downfall from afar, Shadou sogeki!

    Inu o yobu - Summoning the dogs. It summons my lost pet "Leonard" when Genesis became an arrancar. I will also return to my adjuchas form, but i'm still able to use my hollow abilities this way, and I can return to any other given style at any given moment.

    Lingering past, Let sword make place for beast, and give us back our beastiality. Make past replace present, and make corpses of those that stand before us, Inu o yobu!

    Of course, these styles I just named aren't insta learned when I get my ressurection. I will make myself this rule to handicap myself as well:

    -it takes me 10 posts to fully master one of these styles. And I can only learn one style at a time.


    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Height: 1.65m

    Weight: 55 kg

    Appearance: A rather small, but fit looking Hollow, he looks like a little boy if it wasn't for his earrings made out of his hollow mask.

    Personality: Lazy, Non-caring, Lustless for fights, Sarcastic, Analytic

    Backstory: Once a hollow, Genesis was noticed by Aizen for his many forms that changed daily. Because of this, Aizen started experimenting on Genesis trying to make him his loyal espada servant. However, when Genesis came into contact with the powers of the Hōgyoku, something happened Aizen had not foreseen. It responded to every form of Genesis, making Aizen lose control of Genesis. After this failed experiment, Aizen tried to destroy Genesis, now reborn as an espada. This attempt failed though, and Genesis got away in the real world, Karakura town to be precise.
    Now, he's known to be an enemy of both hollows and shinigamis alike.

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    Re: Genesis Jenova

    Post by ShadowInTheRain on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:28 pm

    Character sheet approved for RP use. Your 136 posts from SSF grant you the starting rank of gillian~

    ~And I dont know what kind of person I'll end up being. But Im liking who I am right now~

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