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    Transferring your RP account from SSF


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    Transferring your RP account from SSF

    Post by Jenova on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:24 pm

    Here's a small guide with steps on how to transfer your RP account from SSF:

    1. Read the RP Rules Here.
    2. Copy/Paste the information on your Character Sheet from SSF to this forum, and post it in the appropriate Forum. Edit it so it matches this forum's Character Template. Also add in a part saying you're transferring from SSF, and how many RP posts you have posted there, plus your SSF account username.
    3. Await for approval of your Character sheet, and the rank you'll receive.
    4. Create a Technique sheet in the appropriate Sub-Forum, using the Template given to you. Wait for it to be approved.
    5. After both sheets have been approved, you're ready to post in the RP Section! Have fun Role-playing!

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