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    Past BRPG Events


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    Past BRPG Events

    Post by Jenova on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:23 pm

    Past Events for Bleach-RPG

    Listed below are the events that have occurred in the past for Bleach-RPG, as well as winners and answers.

    User Creativity Event:

    An event in which users were all asked to contribute ideas to the creations of new items for BRPG, via the forum. All ideas were considered carefully, and of the ones that followed the guidelines, 4 winners were chosen.

    Scoapimp- Spiked Armor set
    Chisame- Ginjotan and Heirro
    Kyuusashia- Jenova Repellent
    Kostaz- Jenova plushie

    "Holloween" Event:

    Hosted on October 31, 2010, two AIs appeared for each race to exterminate. Trick was the name of the Shinigami target, and Treat was the Hollow's adversary.

    The event concluded when the Hollows dealt a killing blow to Treat, earning them 2000 race points, while the Shinigami received 500 for their valiant efforts

    The Thanksgiving Event:

    Hosted on November 24, 2010, the Thanksgiving event featured several Turkey AIs that sped around the map, as each side attempted to kill the opponent's turkeys, while the respective sides defended it.

    The event concluded with Hisuka and Mnomnomnomno each killing a turkey for the
    Shinigami side, and KasZ and Murik each killing one for the hollow side. Each winner was given a limited edition item as a prize, and each race received 2000 race points for their team efforts.

    The Christmas Riddle Event:

    Hosted on December 24, 2010, the Christmas event featured 12 different AIs, with names referring to the 12 days of Christmas song. On the forum, 12 riddles were posted in rhyme, with directions to pm the correct answer to each riddle, to the corresponding AI.

    The Winner of this event was Verne, who received a limited edition item for her hard word and intellect.

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