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    Bug Reporting Guidelines


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    Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Post by Jenova on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:12 pm

    Bug Reporting 101 or How to file a Bug Report

    Reporting bugs is an important part of maintaining a healthy game, therefore a bug report should be written in clear english, and understandable for the coders, preventing them from having to play "email tennis" for days to get all the info they need to pinpoint and fix a problem.

    There is no point in ranting in the forums or PMing the staff saying "I wantz my itams back now.. grr" and stuff like that, a bug report to the ticketing system is your best answer.

    Please provide bug reports following the format below so we can provide the best possible assistance.


    Please provide a meaningful subject header that best describes the problem in the fewest possible words. Things like “I gets no XP“, “help me, i bugged“ are no help to anyone and wastes time in the tracking process.


    Sometimes bugs only occur on specific accounts so we need to know the in-game name of the affected user so we can examine the account for any indications of the bug that is reported.

    Steps to reproduce:

    If we can't reproduce a bug we can't fix it simple as that! So provide in detail what you did to produce this bug. Best is if you try to do the bug “ONE” more time so you can be sure you did reproduce it. But even if you can't reproduce it try best to describe every detail like:

    “I clicked on the Black/Whitelist button in the preferences, then I entered the name whoever and clicked on the Add user button and nothing happened“.

    Including good clear screen shots of the problem can also aid the resolution of bugs. This is by far the most important part in a good bug report.


    Sometimes bugs only occur at a specific time due to maintenance, lags etc. So providing the time together with your timezone helps us to gather additional information.

    What to do with the bug report?

    Click on the Bugs link to enter it into our ticketing system!

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