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    Seventh Division's Barracks


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    Seventh Division's Barracks

    Post by Jenova on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:22 pm

    Seventh Division

    The dark tan walls of the seventh division surround you, making the rest of the world seem closed off and distant. Along the walls of the barracks bloom an array of Irises, that bend and sway in the gentle breeze. The sound of trickling water somewhere nearby can be heard, and a strong sense of tranquility hovers in the atmosphere. The distant sound of a dog barking snaps you back into focus, and you make your way passed the double doors of the main entrance to stand in the front foyer.

    Paintings adorn the walls, a rainbow of collor spilling down the hallways. Depicting battles of honor and chivalry, the paintings were clearly made with the passion of a warrior, and a feeling of pride and devotion seems to radiate off the canvas.

    Above the doorway to the captain's chambers, hangs a pair of swords, crossed over one another, with the words below inscribing "Live by honor, die by honor".

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