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    Post by Melchizedek on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:00 am

    Account name: Melchizedek

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Melchizedek

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Hollow

    Commander: 7

    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength: Intelligence: 5 Speed: 5 Regeneration:5 Cero:5 Stamina: 5. Creativity: 1

    Combat Weaknesses: Compassion: 5 ( the heavenly prince loves so much that he holds back unless he feels that he is justified in his action, which is rather rare for a hollow.) no Hierro: 5. Weak in close range combat:5. Bombastic: 5 ( Mel could not be sneaky if he wanted to.) Arrogance: ( Mel tends to overestimate his own abilities and underestimate his foes) : 3 Showmanship: (Mel has a tendency to make all his battles an epic drama, and will sometimes take the artistic choice instead of the strategically sound one) 2. Organic sword: 1 His sword is on the same neural system as him.
    Zanpakuto Name: Principe Celeste. (Heavenly Prince)

    Zanpakuto Description: A medieval broadsword with a hilt like a cross, reminiscent, at least in idea, of a crusader’s weapon. Melchizedek cannot use it efficiently.

    Shikai/Mask Removal: Removing his mask grants Melchizedek the strange ability to break his blade into pieces. Each individual piece once broken reverts to a ball of living flesh, diameter equal to area of piece. Each ball of flesh has an eye on it.
    Abilities related to this:

    Remote View: Mel can gaze through any number of these eyes even simultaneously, however, when used as remote viewing portals; the eyeballs vibrate, producing a loud, sustained note. He can perceive a large number of perspectives at once and not be disoriented, his superior intellect allowing him to synthesize all the information.

    Remote Cero: The floating eyeballs can blast ceros proportional in strength to their own size and to Mel’s strength. An eyeball made from a fragment one third of the sword holds power equal to a cero coming from Mel himself, and power decreases continually as the pieces get smaller. The ceros from these eyes are white light, and beautiful.

    Sword Regeneration: Mel’s sword is organic, and is thus subject to the same regeneration that his body is subject to. Mel can regenerate damaged eyes. Mel may also cancel the remote eyes to instantly reform the sword. The sword reformation takes priority over any objects in the way, and a sword that reforms in an object will cut the object no matter what.

    Standard abilities: Sonido. Bala.
    Bankai/Resurrection: (Also add in the abilities)

    Sea un sacerdote, para siempre, Príncipe Celsete. ( be a priest forever, heavenly prince.)

    With this command, in combination with the sword being held to the chest, the following happens. Mel’s hilt fuses to his chest, growing to form a cross made of bone. The blade reverts back to a bulbous hunk of flesh with eyes all over the place. Mel grabs the blob and it quakes and pulsates before liquefying and forming over his hand. It then calcifies, the eyes get covered over, and the blob smoothes out, becoming a gauntlet of bone. The Miter shaped mask splits open and a square topaz emerges. Feathered angle wings burst from his back. Each feather has an eye on it.

    Luminescence: The heavenly prince glows brightly, illuminating all things within a 500 yard radius.
    Limited omniscience: In his released form, Melchizedek can see from any given angle where his light falls. He cannot see from shadow, but can gaze into shadow if the shadow is adjacent to his light. (that is to say, he can see you if you hide behind something, but not if you hide inside something. )

    Smite: anyone within the radius of Mel’s light is subject to this ability. Melchizedek calls down blasts of energy seemingly from the sky.

    Feather drop: Feathers can be removed from the wings. Once removed they morph into eyeballs with all the powers and abilities of eyeballs from the mask removal. Each eyeball has the cero producing power of Mel himself.

    Flight: With the wings, Mel can fly through the air.

    Molting: Mel can drop all wings feathers off the wings for a final attack. Each feather will take the form of an eye and gaze at any number of points as dictated by Mel. Then, they will unleash for one massive attack.
    Gauntlet’s power: The bone on his hand that forms the glove has the durability of a sword.


    Gender: M

    Age: 45

    Height: 6’10

    Weight: 280 lbs.

    Appearance: In sealed form, Mel takes the form of tall humanoid. On the top of his head his mask comes to a point, forming a miter. His body is well muscled, and his hollow hole is in his lower side. He typically wears lose fitting black dress pants.

    Personality: Mel is torn between his cravings as a hollow to devour endlessly to fill his emptiness, and a deep seated, almost compulsive compassion for anyone he lays eyes upon. Mel finds himself casting in a positive light almost everyone he meets. In addition to this, Mel, with his flair for the theatrical, constantly seeks the trust, appreciation and admiration of others, and this on occasion takes precedence over his compassion.

    Backstory: Melchizedek was an orthodox priest in his life on earth, working in a little mission on the border between China and Russia. Through the church, Mel was able to provide much needed charity and hope to the impoverished people along the border.
    One day, Mel’s mission was attacked by a gang of marauding hooligans. Mel stood firm against them and told them to leave. Despite the fact that he was armed, he refused to use his weapon, even as they dragged him to the ground and chained him to the back of their motorcycles. He died that day, but refused to move on. His spirit was tied to the mission for which he had given his life. Slowly, regrets over his own early death, and bad decision making filled him. It wasn’t long then before he became a hollow. Despite forgetting all this, the teachings of the church are engrained in him to the point that even as a hollow, he is still compelled to follow its teachings.
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    Re: Melchizedek

    Post by Koga_Wolf on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:05 am

    uumm this site is pretty much closed already o_O very dead. here we re-made it so u can post ur char here.

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