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    Hacha Gigante Cero

    Post by Agentaaa on Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:33 am

    Account Name:Agentaaa
    Technique Name: Hacha Gigante Cero
    Technique General Rank: basic
    Technique Description: This ability uses a hollow's cero energy and shapes it into the form of a large ax, and depending on the hollows strength(and preference), it can be anywhere from an ordinary two handed axe, to twice the size of the user. Being made of cero energy, it is fairly light in it's user's hands despite it's size, and can be wielded quite easily against the user's foes. Anyone wishing to try and block a strike from this axe, however, will find it is quite heavy to any opponent's attempting to stop or block it. However, depending on the strength of the user, the axe can only last so long, anywhere from 5 seconds for an inexperienced user, to a minute or two for someone more advanced. those highly skilled in it's use can also make it explode in a blast of energy, a sort of "bomb" version of a regular cero blast. this axe can be detonated by the user at any time, regardless of it's current location.

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