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    RP Character. (I hope I did it right)


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    RP Character. (I hope I did it right)

    Post by TheMercenary on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:50 pm

    Account name:

    ~RP Information~

    Name: Faita Hanzo-Katakurra

    ~Race Information~

    Race: Shinigami


    ~Combat Information~

    Combat Strength:
    Physical Strength(1)

    Combat Weaknesses:
    Shikai Damage(3)
    Overuse of Reiatsu(4)
    Bad Vision(2)
    Solo Fighter(5)
    Blind Fury(4)
    Long Range(3)
    Short Term Strat(2)

    Zanpakuto Name: Ikarus

    Zanpakuto Description: In regular form it is a double edged blade from the tip to the middle, then a single edged blade from the middle down. The Zanpakuto spirit looks like a man with wings, fabled after "Icarus" (the guy who flew too close to the sun).

    Shikai: "Ignite Ikarus" - In Shikai it engulfs in flames that burn at 2400 degrees. It is a rather large blade, about 4 feet long, about 9 inches wide. The sword's main ability is the burning heat that it emits reaching the temperature of magma from a volcano. The drawback is that, due to the heat it can only be maintained for approximately 10 minutes before it starts burning myself.

    Bankai: In Bankai the physical sword shape is lost, and the fires swirl around myself (also the temperature of the fire reduces to 752 degrees F) giving me control over it. (Similar to Byakuya, but its a stream of fire, not several different peices) Along with the swirls of fire, my Bankai gives me the "Armor of the Phoenix", which is golden torso armor, shin gaurds, arm gaurds, and a helmet, giving me resistance to virtually all fire/heat damage. I can control the fire with my hands telling it where to go. And the "special ability" that comes along with my Bankai is "Blaze". Blaze condenses all the fire fire around me into a single ball, the size of a soccerball, reaching the heat and intensity of the sun itself. However, upon using "Blaze" my Bankai ends, reverting back to Shikai.


    Gender: Male

    Age: 116

    Height: 5' 6"

    Weight: 160

    Appearance: Short, jet-black, spiked hair. Black sleeveless shirt and pants, both with fire symbols etched around the bottoms of them. A long red cape, made from the baby blanket I was found in, with the crest of my old family. Always wearing sunglasses. Faita's sunglasses are the most important thing he owns. White, slighty tanned skin. A long scar running from his shoulder to his wrist on his right arm. A tatoo saying "Combine and Conqure" on the back of his neck.

    Personality: Faita is a rambunctious young-ish soul reaper with dreams of being the number 1. He is a bit of a screw up, always taking things a little overboard. When he fights he goes all out. His motto is "No kill like overkill". He is the most loyal person you will ever meet, and if you ever need him he is there. He is constantly training, working on new and un-thought-of techniques. He is a huge flirt, but never goes beyond that. And is always up to fight someone stronger than him, lose, get better, then fight again. Also, he has a facination with Sunglasses, he will go to the world of the living every so often to find new pairs. He never takes them off, even when fighting. However, if the sunglasses ever get broken while during a fight, it will send him into an uncontrollable fury.

    Backstory: When Faita was born on the outskirts of (am I allowed to use Roukon district? or is the RP in some other non-bleach related place? If so, let me know and I'll change it.) the Roukon District his parents were killed by hollows. However, before they could kill and devour him, Faita was saved by a group of Shinigami, one of which being a member of one of the Noble Familys. The member of the family took Faita in and raised him as their own. As Faita grew up, he was put to the test every day, to make sure he was worthy enough to really be called a member of the Noble Family. After years of training, he entered into the Shinigami Academy. He has been training and working harder and harder ever since. Now that he has graduated from the Academy, he is ready to prove himself, and one day become the strongest, and most powerful shinigami. And eventually being the Number 1.

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    Re: RP Character. (I hope I did it right)

    Post by TheMercenary on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:52 pm

    I have read the rules of the RP thing. (I forgot exactly what it said)

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