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    Game balance

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    Game balance

    Post by CuAnnan on Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:47 pm

    I realise that creating a system from scratch isn't easy, which is why I've never done it. I've always used pre-existing ones, for Bleach I tend to use Exalted as it provides a system which can quite easily describe everything that Shinigami and Hollows can do.

    The system provided for forum RPG isn't balanced. The idea that someone must have as many weaknesses as they have strengths doesn't provide balance, it detracts from it outright.

    However, Exalted is a little dice-heavy and complex for forum gaming. FATE is open source and dice-lite and more suited to forum play.

    The system being used, currently though, makes no sense. You don't end up with balanced characters, you end up with utterly unbalanced characters. Take a look at any RPG system, D&D; nWoD; oWoD; Exalted; Fate; GURPS; MouseGaurd; Victoriana; Traveller; Call of Cthulhu; Unknown Armies.... I've played all of these to some extent or another. None of them requires that you take as many flaws as you have strengths. A coherent, believable in-game world does not work in such a case.
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    Re: Game balance

    Post by Ajiro on Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:56 am

    yu have tohave as many its your numbers of severity and boosting thet should equal out you could have several strengths and little to no weakness but the numbers have to match. using a dice system make its so the players are given random rolls do you really think people want to have wat ever the dice/ system says, they wouls rather figure ouyt a way to ballance the numbers so they can have more strengths than weeknesses unless it relates to something they are trying to do. anyway the system is fine how it is. each number represents diffrent things
    1-5 iun strengths is not the same as 1-5 in weeknesses
    in strengths
    1. knowledge of but requires training
    2. experianced
    3. Average
    4.above average
    5. Mastery/ far above average

    in weekness its actually opposite if anything
    1. minor distraction slows reactions ect.- minorly effective
    2. below average weakness, partialy hinders battle preformance slows reactions
    3.Normal level weakness - hinders battle preformance
    4. above average weakness, hinders heavilly majorly slows reactions and effectiveness in battle
    5. Severe/ possibly crippling, unable to use without damaging self - always heavily effective in all areas

    if you have Kido as a weakness at 5 you are bearly able to preform even the simplest kido whetehr its from poor reishi controle or not.

    *A attempts to fire hado 4 byakurai but it only burns his finger tips and sparks*

    if its at 5 strength your able to use kido at an advanced level making it stronger than someone without that strength, it also reduces the stamina it uses in battle allowing for more kido usage. as well kido used without incantation is at normal power where kido with it is enhanced.

    *B fires 4 hado 32's torwards his opponent*

    If this isnt what your trying to say then let me know and ill edit my post to fit your sugggestion, which should be posted in the rp suggestion page not creation area.

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