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    Koga's Human Home

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    Koga's Human Home

    Post by Koga_Wolf on Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:58 pm

    Koga walking through the busy streets with what seems like hundreds of people all walking past talking, and shopping. Koga thinks about the situation which he caused at school. "If it weren't for me all those people would never have been in danger. At least I was able to stop him."

    Koga finds his apartment building near a very busy street next to the shopping center and Koga slowly walks up to the second floor. Koga stops at the beginning of the hallway and looks at his door which is directly on the opposite side. Koga slowly walks over to his door. Koga pulls out the key as walks. Koga unlocks the door and takes the key out.

    Koga slowly turns the door knob and walks in closing the door behind him with his right foot. Koga takes off his shoes and throws down his bag of cloths which he retrieved from the school after he shunpoed out. Koga grabs the uniforms and hangs them in his closet in his small room. Koga opens a window to see a small devouring beast jumping towards him.

    Koga points his index finger at the hollow as he leans on the window frame. Koga says in a whisper like voice. "Hado 4 Byakurai." A blue bolt of lighting fires out of Koga's index finger and pierces the hollow's mask making it dissipate into thin air. Koga stands back up and loosens his tie a little and walks out of the apartment building locking it behind him.

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