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    Getting the job

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    Getting the job

    Post by Ajiro on Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:43 pm

    I enter the school doors the cool air sushes past me and i smile." its been years since iv been in school..."i walk to the office and talk to the principle. " Hello i'm Ajiro Minamoto Your new Martial arts and kendo teacher."

    "Ah yes welcome" He stands and shakes my hand.

    I shake his hand and sit." anything i should know?

    He looks at me warningly."Their are some students who are trouble makers and wont hesitate to hurt you or the other students.. be weary."

    I nod and stand."I understand" I smirk "You need not worry i will deal with them appropriately." As i leave i check the board for my room location and go. "this aught to be fun"

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