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    hollows sanctuary

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    hollows sanctuary

    Post by Shinetsu_Kisaragi on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:17 am

    "as he walks around he senses a weird pressure in the park and notices a spirit fleeing and a kind of rumbling in the ground and a wave of dirt following the spirit as the spirit is running another hollow comes from the skies and begins to send what seems to be a kind of wave of wind towards the spirit making the spirit fall down"

    "unsheathes his zanpaktou and shunpo's getting closer and closer to the hollow and block his attack with my zanpaktou and takes the spirit far away from the battle field and then shunpos back both of the hollows landing on the ground shrieking loudly"

    "as the ground hollow go's back under ground i kneel down and point my finger in his direction hado 4 byakurai as the byakurai is sent towards the hollow it shifts direction and changes its route going slower due ot going other than straight"

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