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    Opening of the Forum


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    Opening of the Forum

    Post by Jenova on Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:26 pm

    Hello all, and welcome to the opening of BRPG's Official Forum!

    After hours and hours of work, it's finally here, presented and created by Jenova and Shadowintherain!
    We would also like to thank Chisame and Dharkeon for their support, helpful tips and their ideas of how to make the forum as to what it is now.

    As you can see, we've kept this forum similar to the old forum that was used as BRPG's base of operations. However, there are some differences, like the forums, the staff, and of course, the RP system.

    The RP system is a totally different experience, compared to the old one. With this system, the emphasize is on quality, hard work, and a decent working system. We've implemented numerous systems, and guides to keep it neat, simple to understand, but still gives you that challenge to compete, and prosper as the strongest. We're also giving you some wiggle room and faith, by keeping the character sheet, located in your profile, open to use.
    Another small, but helpful new feature is that you don't need to count your RP posts, a brand new system does that for you! and you will be able to look at it on your profile, and your posts.

    For the users that had an RP account on SSF, please Follow This link on how to transfer your RP account from SSF to this forum.

    All in all, this new site will be the new base of operations for Bleach-RPG, and we're more than proud to present you this new forum, keeping the old familiar things of the old forum, but presenting you some neat new features to keep it fun and interesting.

    Yours truly,


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