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    Larentia Iesada's Techniques

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    Larentia Iesada's Techniques

    Post by Lampenkap on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:36 pm


    1. Shunpo - (Mid level)
    2. Numbing Touch - (Mid level)
    3. Mend - (Mid level)
    4. Stretcher - (Low level)
    5. Cleansing Barrier - (Low level)
    6. Current - (Low level)
    7. Pressure Bandage - (Low level)
    8. Soft Breath - (Low level)
    9. Enkosen - (Low level)
    10. Shakkahō - (Low level)

    1. Tozanshō - (Low level)
    2. Nui Me - (Low level)

    Black Gut - (Low level)

    Unique Techniques:

    All of Laren's ability's use up links from the chain on her dagger. The chain has around 40 links if her spiritual power is completely restored.

    "Ippon no Komoriuta", First Lullaby - (Low level)
    After calling out the name and breaking of a part of the chain, a golden light will glow around the dagger. After the opponent is cut, they will start to feel drowsy. 4 Links are needed.

    "Ni-hon no Komoriuta", Second Lullaby - (Low level)
    A healing technique, after breaking of a part of the chain, it can be swallowed, and will increase the regeneration rate of the person who swallowed the chain. The more links that are broken of, it get harder to swallow.
    Between 1 and 5 links.

    "Saigo no Komoriuta", Final Lullaby - (Low level)
    This technique will require to break off the entire remaining chain.
    When the remaining chain, is wrapped around the target it will sooth them to sleep en quickly regenerate their health. However, when the chain is removed, and they wake up, they will feel drowsy for a few hours.

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    Re: Larentia Iesada's Techniques

    Post by Jenova on Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:57 am

    Tech sheet approved for RP use.

    Youcan now being RPing~ Have fun~

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