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    Role-Playing Rules


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    Role-Playing Rules

    Post by Jenova on Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:43 pm

    These are the rules applied to the Role-Playing section of the forum. Abide by these rules and you won't have to worry about troubling times with the RP Staff.

    1. The Forum Rules apply to the RP area of this forum as well. So foul language, sexual references, etc. is not allowed. Of course, some rules apply differently, but for the most part, these rules are valid. Also, please keep it PG-13.

    2. God-modding is not allowed. Users caught God-modding will be warned, and further continuation will result in heftier punishments.

    3. The options given to you (race, basic techniques, etc.) are the only valid options. No freestyling your way into RPing. If you would like to see something implemented, use the RP Suggestion Sub-forum.

    4. Do not post in the RP world before your character and techniques are approved. Breaking this rule will result in a ban for the RP section.

    5. Stay in character. All out of character comments (OOC) should be at the beginning or end of the post.

    6. All RP posts should be at least 3 paragraphs long with at least 1 action and 3 sentences Per Paragraph. Any post not meeting this requirement will be deleted on site. Small gestures like describing the details of how a character talks, or using facial expressions, will count as valid actions.

    7. Add the following sentence in your character creation sheet. If not added, your sheet will not be approved for use. "I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them."

    8. RP Posts that involve flashbacks, flashforwards, dreams, and a character working out an idea in his/her head are allowed, though will require a minimum of 6 paragraphs. Once more, all paragraphs should have at least 1 action and 3 sentences per Paragraph. This is too avoid flashback spamming.

    9. Originality is highly encouraged. Zanpakutous should be unique, and not resemble any Zanpakuto from the original anime. Zanpakutous that do resemble one, will have a high chance of getting disapproved.

    10. You're allowed to RP in every section of the RP World, apart from your enemy's Fortress (Las Noches, and Seireitei).
    This rule does not apply for special events of which an attack on the enemy fortress is the main event.

    11. The Limit of RP Characters per account is 1 Race besides Human, and 1 Human RP Character. This Human character has no powers, and can't see any spiritual beings at all. It's basically a fun puppet to play with. Of course, you can only post in the Human World with it.

    12. When creating your character's Shikai, Mask Removal, Bankai, or Resurrection, should your powers gained be element based, you must specify your techniques, and how your element is used. For example: "Uses water from the ground, as a whip, to ensnare my opponent's feet" would be acceptable, whereas "Controls water" would not. If your specific techniques are not approved, you will be asked to revise them, otherwise your element based abilities will be rejected.

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