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    Shurelia Leblanc

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    Character sheet
    Character name: Shurelia Leblanc
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Demi-Hollow 3rd stage

    Shurelia Leblanc

    Post by Zeons on Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:05 pm

    Full Name: Shurelia Leblanc

    Alias: Shu

    A very passive being who dislike socializing very much. She prefers a quiet place than a crowded place. It appears from the outside, she looks cold, cruel and uncaring. But, behind her cold personality, she really felt lonely and caring for those she holds special. To cover her weakness, she trained herself to mask her emotions. Lastly, she hates her pink hair and dislike everyone who makes fun of her hair.

    Physical Appearance:
    adjuchas: A fox-like hollow. She has a white pinkish fur (yes you heard me, it's pink) and quite small body compared to standard adjuchas, about the same size as an adult horse animal. Has 3 pairs of whiskers. She look adorable and harmless.

    Arrancar: Remains of her Skull stand on half of her face. She now holds a child-like body like 12 years old human child and a straight long light pink hair length 20 centimeters below the shoulder. She still has her whiskers and a pair of deep blue eyes and a pair of white fox ear.

    Born in a wealthy and noble family. She's forced to become a perfect daughter for the next queen candidate of a small country. Aware of her responsibility, she sacrificed her happy childhood experience for a merciless training to be a perfect person. She was trained in every aspect of proper manner of a noble woman, walking manner, eating manner, even drinking a cup of tea has its own proper manner. For self-defense, she was trained in fencing and japanese swordplay. she died by sacrificing herself to be a meat shield protecting her dad, whom she hates so much, from stray bullets. Soon, she was found by hollow and fell victim to it. After the hollow devoured her, she found himself in a vast desert. she didn't think anything for that moment and kept walking and fighting anything on her way....

    =Race Information=

    Race: Hollow

    Commander: Espada 3

    =Combat Information=

    Combat Strength: Agile[5]; Close Combat (3); Movement Speed (5); Quick Thinking (4); Mind Protection (5)

    Combat Weaknesses: Ranged Combat (4); Endurance Battle (5); Brute Strength (4); Teamwork (4); Low Regeneration (3)

    Zanpakuto Name: Rūrukirā

    Zanpakuto Description: A simple western rapier. The handler has a sharp point and can be used for close combat.

    Mask Removal:
    Her speed heavily increases as she rips off her mask although her strength is remain the same as before. She gain increased eye sight and deadly accuracy. She will have pink reddish reiatsu covering both of her hand and both of her feet. As time goes by, her speed doubled, tripled even quadrupled, but she will get drained of her stamina very fast and render her unconscious.

    Her body grows matured to 21 years old woman-like build. She doesn't gain any increased physical ability. Instead, she is able to do a special technique which she mostly dislike to use. She will return back to her child form a day later.

    "I have read the RP Rules and agreed to them."

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    Character sheet
    Character name: Genesis Jenova
    Race: Hollow
    Rank: Adjuchas

    Re: Shurelia Leblanc

    Post by Jenova on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:56 pm

    This Character is approved for RP use.

    Be sure to create a technique sheet, and add in your information on your character sheet located in your Profile.
    Check the Rank requirements/features topic to see what features you'll have at your disposal at that rank, and what the requirements are to rank up to the next rank.

    RP Information:
    Name: Genesis Jenova
    Fraccion: N/A
    Rank: Adjuchas
    Status: Ranking up, training Techniques
    Location: Menos Forest
    Thread: The Wandering Giant
    Tech Experience:
    • Sonido: 5
    • Especho Cero: 3
    • Cero Sierra: 2
    • Luna Paso Cero: 1
    • Cero Horadar: 1
    • Cero Viga: 8
    • Instantaneous Cero: 11
    • Bala:
    • Hierro:
    • Cero Artimaña: 4
    • Violeta Fuego:
    • Cero Metralleta:
    • Mask Removal: 2

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